Your Endocrine system is regulated by hormones, a number of natural chemicals your body produces through endocrine glands that affect your growth, development, and overall physical and emotional balance.

Twelve major endocrine glands produce hormones, as do many of your other organs (like the stomach and the heart), and supply your body with over 100 different hormones including insulin and adrenaline. When hormones are released into your blood, they find their way to where they’re needed to produce their unique effects. When something goes wrong with the way hormones are produced or distributed, it’s time to consider signs of endocrine imbalance.

What are signs of endocrine imbalance?

Your endocrine system and the hormones it produces play an important role in whether you
  • develop diabetes, 
  • are prone to obesity, 
  • experience growth disorders, 
  • develop thyroid problems, 
  • experience sleep problems, 
  • have any sort of sexual or reproductive dysfunction, 
  • show signs of adrenal (kidney) malfunction.
  • or develop any number of other disorders.
When a gland produces too much or too little of a hormone, this can create an endocrine imbalance. Whether this is caused by the development of a tumor or lesion on a gland or whether there is some other organic predisposition to a disorder, it makes sense to seek the advice of an endocrinologist.
Our resident endocrinologist for South Sydney Vascular Centre is Dr Mary Freeman who will see new patients by referral.

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